International Women’s day coming up!

Five days left to International Women’s Day. We believe that all days should be days when both males and females can live their dreams. Today that is not the case. For instance, our data shows that only 8 percent of the CEO:s of the Stockholm Stock Exchange are women.

We will release more data on 8th of March to really dig into how gender equal one of the world most gender equal continues – Sweden – is. Stay tuned and follow us in social media for the latest updates.

Enjoy your week!

/Sandra Bourbon, CEO of Equalytics

Quality Assurance Weekend

At International Women’s Day, 8th of March, we will publish our first complete data set! We have programmed and developed for months. We are excited!

This weekend we are doing the last control that our software works as it should for quality data.

equalytics gender equality data QA
Cherry is one of the companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange

We are proud to publish the status for Stockholm Stock Exchange’s 314 companies and how they are doing in terms of gender equality.

The data we have gathered is

  • Number/percentage of women and men on the board
  • Number/percentage of women and men in top management
  • Gender of CEO
  • Gender of Chairman

Hint: Sweden is more gender equal than just six month ago. It is very exiting times!

/Sandra Bourbon, CEO Equalytics