Increase of Women CEOs with 33 percent!


Starting today we will report on how gender equal the Stockholm Stock Exchange is. The stock market consists of 316 companies on small, mid and large cap. We have digged into the data and will present the latest findings for the boards, top managements, CEOs and chairmen during March.

Hint: we still have a long way to reach gender equality and we are moving in the right direction.

Increase of women CEOs from 6 to 8 %

First out: CEO gender gap! Although the percentage has increased from 6 percent 2017 to 8 percent: only 25 out of the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s companies are lead by a women.



Sandra Bourbon, Co-Founder and CEO at Equalytics

At Equalytics, we believe in changing the world by delivering quality real-time data for decision making. Our gender equality data is used by investors, researchers and analysts. If you like to know more about us and get access to our data, please visit

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